Damian Evans is a double bassist and researcher from Perth, Australia who has been a major contributor to the Irish jazz scene since his arrival in 1997. He is leader of the Damian Evans Trio and co-leader of the Boylan/Buckley/ Evans Trio. Damian has worked with major touring artists visiting Ireland including Terrel Stafford, Johnathon Kriesburg, Jean Toussant, Jason Rubello, Tim Warfield and Soweto Kinch as well as fellow Australians Jamie Oehlers and Paul Williamson. Damian helped to establish the Galway Jazz Festival and Galway Jazz Club before moving to Dublin.

Damian has also been involved in the traditional Irish music scene, working and touring extensively with Alan Kelly, Arty McGlynn and Sean Keane to name a few. He can be found on many Irish recordings including appearances with Sharon Shannon, John Prine and Gerry O’Connor (banjo). He has toured Ireland and Portugal with American folk singer/guitarist Chad Dughi, India with Honor Heffernan and the Dominican Republic with Emilie Conway. He was awarded the Fiosraigh Scholarship, Dean of Graduate Students Award to complete his PhD in jazz studies at Dublin Institute of Technology in 2016. His thesis, ‘The Creation of Meaning and Identity in the Dublin Jazz Scene, Past and Present’ is an ethnographic and archival investigation into the Dublin jazz scene. A research associate of the Research Foundation for Music in Ireland, he has guest lectured at University College Dublin and has co-edited The Musicology Review (UCD).


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