A Little Galway Jazz Club History

Galway Jazz Club logo
The old Galway Jazz Club logo. I was proud of it at the time, but it seems pretty dated now.

I’ve had an old PC under my desk for a long time and finally got around to taking some files off it so I could get it recycled. I was delighted to find I had some records of the Galway Jazz Club that myself and my wife Ann Lorraine Mack ran from 2004–2007, with lots of help from friends and volunteers of course. I’m going to add to this project over the coming weeks and months with some publicity photos and posters, but to get the ball rolling, I think this is a somewhat complete list of everyone who headlined the club from 2004 until 2006. The majority of the gigs used a local rhythm section which was usually myself, Declan O’Donahue or Ken Hall on drums, John Dunne or an American pianist whose name I currently forget on piano. Danny Healy often sat in on trumpet too. In the meantime, a little Galway jazz history:

DateHeadlinerNumber of Band Members
27/07/2004Justin Carroll4
03/08/2004Cian Boylan4
10/08/2004Hugh Buckley4
17/08/2004Michael Buckley4
24/08/2004Ciaran Wilde4
31/08/2004Nigel Mooney4
07/09/2004John Merrick5
14/09/2004John Moriarty and Justin Carroll4
21/09/2004Jim Doherty3
28/09/2004John Dunne4
05/10/2004Ellen Demos & Mike Nielsen2
12/10/2004Frank Kilkelly4
19/10/2004Graeme Blevins (Aus) & Justin Carroll4
26/10/2004Ian Date (Aus) & Robin Nolan (UK)2
02/11/2004Richie Buckley4
09/11/2004Tommy Halferty3
16/11/2004The West Coast Big Band16
23/11/2004Greg Felton3
30/11/2004The Nigel Mooney Band4
07/12/2004Jeremy Sawkins (Aus)3
14/12/2004Rock Fox (Chas Merideth)4
21/12/2004Phil Ware4
04/01/2005Matthew Berrill Quintet5
11/01/2005Colm O’Sullivan4
18/01/2005Os Braseleros Mentiros5
25/01/2005Jazz Charity Jam SessionN/A
01/02/2005Good Fellas’4
08/02/2005Pat Collins & Drazen Derrick2
15/02/2005Michael Buckley & Jim Doherty4
22/02/2005Dick Farrelly3
01/03/2005Michael Buckley & Greg Burke Quartet4
26/04/2005Charity Jazz Jam N/A
03/05/2005Ellen Demos & Mike Nielsen2
10/05/2005Hugh Buckley4
17/05/2005Danny Healy4
24/05/2005Cian Boylan3
07/06/2005Tommy Halferty3
14/06/2005Keith McDonald5
21/06/2005Betrand Huve4
28/06/2005Fuzzy Logic9
05/06/2005Charity Jam SessionN/A
12/06/2005Rick Harris4
11/10/2005Richard Nelson4
18/10/2005Danny Healy4
25/10/2005Kirk Lightsy Trio (USA)3
03/11/2005Honor Heffernan4
28/02/2006Sandro Gibellini (ITA)3
04/04/2006Joel Harrison (USA)4
30/05/2006Dorothy Murphy4
18/07/2006Desequilibre (George Ulrich, Justin Carrol, Tim Willis, Jaimie Carswell)4
15/08/2006Jazz Funk Collective (Duncan Eagles UK)10

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AIC New Music Journal Article

Back in 2019 I had an article published in the Association of Irish Composers (AIC) New Music Journal. It was a discussion about how composition can function within a jazz ensemble, and I focused on the composition Rum by Irish pianist Greg Felton. Inspired by the rhythmic experiments of pianist Vijay Iyer and the writings of ethnomusicologist Ingrid Monson, I outlined our own rhythmic experiments where a clave sounds very similar when played in 5/4 or 7/4. The article can be found here and a performance of Rum is below.

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